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Grillska Gymnasiet

Culinary arts in the best light

Grillska Gymnasiet in the Kungsholmen district of Stockholm is no ordinary secondary school — it teaches the next generation of Swedish chefs! Around 600 pupils have a choice of courses to prepare them for university, apprenticeships or employment, while also benefitting from an extensive range of sporting activities. They also regularly cook for interested visitors who dine in the school's own restaurant.

Driven by an ambition to achieve optimal energy efficiency, the school's leadership team has opted to use automation and lighting solutions from ESYLUX: Light systems featuring ESYLUX Light Control and IP54-protected CELINE lights with presence-dependent and daylight-dependent constant light control provide optimal working light in the kitchens. Ventilation and whiteboard lighting in the classrooms is integrated into the light systems via DALI actuators and is controlled fully or semi-automatically. DUO-DALI presence detectors control ELSA-2 downlights in corridors, lounge areas and stairwells.

  • Kitchen areas: ELC light systems with ceiling lights from the CELINE series (IP54)
  • Classrooms and offices: ELC light systems with ceiling lights from the CELINE series, whiteboard lighting from the BOARDLIGHT series, DALI actuators for integrating ventilation and whiteboard lighting, ELC push buttons for manual override
  • Corridors, lounge areas and staircases: Downlights from the ELSA-2 series, DUO-DALI presence detectors from the COMPACT series