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because it simply offers enhanced protection


around the clock

The motion detectors and twilight switches from the DEFENSOR series are not only stylishly designed and easy to install, they also feature first-class functionality that delivers safety, convenience and energy efficiency.

  • Time-dependent operating modes

  • Intelligent vandalism and sabotage protection

  • Switch-off delay times based on direction of movement

  • Integrated push button input

  • Password-protected parameterisation

  • High overvoltage protection

A focus on
building safety

The various versions offer a range of options for flexible and precise outdoor lighting control. Zero-cross switching, which protects the relay from the high in-rush currents of LEDs, and particularly high overvoltage protection ensure a long service life.

at a glance

Learn more about all of the DEFENSOR variants and the most important functions in the overview.

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»A very nice and innovative product. Many application possibilities. High quality. Highly recommended.«
Norbert Lehmann, Frank SIEM GmbH, Germany

»The time functions are a great feature!«
John van Herpen, Van Lith Elektrotechniek, The Netherlands

»The product was easy to install.«
Kai Aarnio, Sähköpalvelu Koskela Oy, Finland

operating modes

DEFENSOR offers time-dependent operating modes such as fully-automatic, semi-automatic, twilight switch mode as well as targeted ON/OFF switching.


When the sensor head is knocked off, the DEFENSOR automatically turns on the light permanently.


Different delay times when entering and leaving a building.


Adjust the detection range individually to avoid faulty switching.


No manipulation due to password-protected parameterisation.

DEFENSOR motion detectors

The DEFENSOR motion detectors can be relied upon in every situation thanks to time-dependent operating modes and intelligent vandalism and tamper protection. Tailored configuration of fields of detection and variants with switch-off delay times based on motion direction detection mean that this device can be controlled even more precisely, while the many mounting options ensure great flexibility.


MD 280°, MD 230°

  • Time-dependent operating modes
  • Intelligent vandalism and tamper protection
  • Switch-off delay times based on motion direction detection
  • Creep protection for unbroken coverage
  • Customisable fields of detection

MD 280°, MD 230°, MD 200°

  • Integrated push button input
  • Password-protected parameterisation
  • High overvoltage protection

Tilting sensor head for wall and ceiling mounting

MD 280° / 230°

Suitable for wall and ceiling mounting

MD 280° / 230°

Revolving and tilting detector lens

MD 200°

DEFENSOR twilight switches

The DEFENSOR twilight switches reliably and discreetly increase safety around the building. The T variant features time-dependent operating modes that allow for highly customisable configurations. The twilight switches therefore guarantee flexibility and energy efficiency, as well as protecting the relay during the operation of LED lights, for instance, thanks to zero-cross switching.



  • Time-dependent operating modes


  • Integrated push button input
  • Password-protected parameterisation
  • High overvoltage protection

vandalism and tamper protection

The 280° and 230° variants of the DEFENSOR motion detectors feature intelligent vandalism and tamper protection that is designed to keep everything safe: The lighting stays switched on permanently if the sensor head is subjected to any forceful impact, turning the spotlight on the perpetrator!


Time-dependent operating modes

Example: motion detectors

The internal clock of the DEFENSOR motion detectors allows them to deviate from the standard set operating mode during two time windows within a 24-hour period. The modes available to choose from are: fully automatic, semi-automatic, twilight switch and intentional switch on/switch off of the lighting. The detectors also know the date, which means they can switch automatically between daylight-saving time and standard time.

In fully automatic mode:

The 280°/230° variants offer increased protection, convenience and energy efficiency.

In twilight switch mode:

In this example, the lighting (shown in red) stays switched on during opening hours whenever there is insufficient daylight and when no movement is detected between 9:00 and 19:00.

Time-dependent operating modes

Example: twilight switch

There are various scenarios in which it may be necessary to deviate from the standard operating mode of a twilight switch. Thanks to an internal clock and parameterisation using the ESY-Pen and ESY-App, it is possible to switch the lighting on or off during two time windows regardless of the amount of daylight with the T variant.

In the standard operating mode:

The T variant switches the lighting on when it gets dark and only switches it off again the next morning once there is sufficient daylight.

Twilight switch mode deactivated:

In this example, the lighting (shown in red) is intentionally deactivated between 22:00 and 06:00 to reduce energy consumption and also reduce night-time light pollution.

overvoltage protection

Lightning strikes and temporary overloading of power supply systems can cause irreparable damage to installed devices. For this reason, the DEFENSOR series, just like other ESYLUX products, features overvoltage protection that fully exceeds the standard minimum requirements.

Surge 2 kV, burst 4 kV!



Switch-off delay times based on motion direction detection

Requirements in this area can vary greatly — e.g. depending on whether someone is entering or leaving the premises. The 280° and 230° variants can therefore identify a total of four motion directions with a customised switch-off delay time for each one.

The 280° and 230° motion detectors offer customised switch-off delay times for:

  • Left/right walking movements
  • Entering or leaving the creep protection area

This example shows a 230° motion detector above a door:
(1) When leaving: switch-off delay time of 16 minutes increases safety by illuminating the outdoor area
(2) When entering: switch-off delay time lasts for eight minutes

Customisable fields of detection

In some cases it may be necessary to adjust the field of detection in order to prevent a detector from being triggered in error. On the 200° variants, the sensitivity of the entire field of detection and the range can be reduced in multiple stages. With the 280° and 230° variants it is even possible to customise the individual detection zones via the ESY-App: This is done either by moving adjusting visual controls using your finger, or by entering percentage values.

This example shows a 230° motion detector above a door:
In the example, the maximum field of detection would extend to the street and to the neighbouring property, and as such would result in the lighting frequently being switched on unnecessarily. The range in these zones has therefore been reduced accordingly.

Integrated push button input

A homeowner may wish to switch on the outdoor lighting themselves, regardless of which operating mode is in use, to check that everything is OK when they happen to look out of the window. The integrated push button input offers increased safety and convenience in this scenario. The motion detector will automatically switch off the light again once the switch-off delay time has come to an end. The twilight switches also feature push button input. This feature not only allows spontaneous activation of the lighting but also permanent activation or deactivation of the outdoor light for either 4 or 12 hours.

A 200° motion detector installed on the front of a detached house:
In fully automatic mode, it uses motion- and daylight-dependent light control. The user can also switch on the lighting manually from inside using a button.

Always ready with the right tool:
With ESY-Pen and ESY-App!

Easy parametrisation, remote control, light measurement and project management on the move.

Whether you use presence detectors, outdoor lights with motion detectors or lighting systems with ESYLUX Light Control, the ESY-Pen and the ESY-App ensure that you always have the right tools for all remotely controlled ESYLUX solutions.


Password-protected parameterisation

All devices in the DEFENSOR series are delivered with default settings and are ready for immediate use. Settings are subsequently easy to adjust using the ESY-Pen and ESY-App. The ESY-App is available free of charge and the ESY-Pen acts as a bridge, transmitting the commands from the mobile end devices to the infrared sensor system.

DEFENSOR offers enhanced protection here too:
To prevent unauthorised tampering, the housing does not contain any adjusting elements and the configuration is protected by a personalised password.


With the DEFENSOR REMOTE CONTROL, installers can parameterise basic DEFENSOR functions, such as:

Level of brightness, switch-off delay time, automatic light value reading, detection sensitivity, pulse operation and activation of a continuous light for 4 or 12 hours.
(Password protection that is activated using the ESY-App and ESY-Pen cannot be overridden by this remote control)


The DEFENSOR REMOTE CONTROL USER provides end users with a remote control with easy parameterisation functions.

  • Adjust the level of brightness
  • Set the switch-off delay time (5 or 15 minutes)
  • Light ON/OFF for 12 hours

(Password protection that is activated using the ESY-App and ESY-Pen cannot be overridden by this remote control)

All parameterisation options at a glance

  • ESY-Pen and ESY-App

Find the right option for your requirements at a glance!

Easy to install

The mounting base and matching accessories enable easy installation in a variety of different configurations. Wiring via an earthing cable with a sheath diameter of up to 15 mm is also possible.


Wall and ceiling mounting

As well as the standard mounting option on walls, the 280° and 230° variants of the DEFENSOR motion detectors can be easily mounted on the ceiling.

Mounting on inner and outer corners

Customers who wish to install motion detectors or twilight switches on the corner of a house can simply use the corner bracket, which is available as an accessory.

Spacer mounting

Spacers (available separately) are an easy way to slightly increase the distance from the mounting surface, e.g. for mounting using a cable duct.

One-hand plug-in base

The one-handed plug-in base enables easy installation via plug-and-play.

Installation video

Watch the video to learn how to easily install your motion detector, using the examples of the DEFENSOR MD 230° and 280°.

Discover the full potential of the DEFENSOR series.


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