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They can be used as standalone overhea d lighting or to complement a main lighting fixture, helping to give shape to entire spaces: downlights have long been an integral part of the typical appearance of hallways, stairwells or lobbies.

Varied range,
high efficiency

The variety of different environments requires a similarly diverse portfolio that not only meets individual spatial requirements but also satisfies personal preferences and the particular operating mode preferred in each case.

Durable and
easy to install

The long-life technology of the LED downlights from ESYLUX is particularly impressive — as is the installation process, which is as simple as ever!

ELSA Series
Varied and highly efficient

The ELSA series features classic downlights with a minimalist design that makes them ideal for complementing a main lighting fixture or for use as a standalone solution, for example in hallways or entrances. A large number of designs in various sizes, shapes, output types, light colours and operating modes increase the application possibilities — and the lighting creates a harmonious look.


Installation video

Install Downlights ELSA-2 easily.


A low installation depth and spring clips simplify installation. Larger installation holes are no problem thanks to our adapter rings. For 165 mm and 225 mm variants of the ELSA-2 series, surface-mounted ceiling frames are available as accessories for surface-mounted installation.

With optional
motion detector

The downlights of the ELSA-2 series not only provide elegant lighting solutions; they also feature designs with an integrated motion detector. This reduces energy consumption as well as installation costs and keeps the ceiling looking neat and tidy.

Advantages at a glance

  • High-quality aluminium housing
  • Installation without additional accessories
  • Electronic ballast included in delivery
  • Simple plug-in connection of the electronic ballast
  • Protection type IP20, below the ceiling IP44
  • Flicker-free light for healthy and fatigue-free working
  • ELSA-2 with further improved energy efficiency
  • With optional integrated presence or motion detector (ELSA-2)
Downlights of the ELSA-2 series: