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Intelligent workplace lighting
with plug and play. ESY!

A lighting solution you can rely on when specialist support is unavailable

It has never been easier to equip workplaces with optimal lighting systems: Intelligent lighting systems with ESYLUX Light Control ELC and plug-and-play installation significantly simplify the implementation of intelligent inside lighting – and make Human Centric Lighting more affordable.

Plug and play taken to new dimensions

The grouping, scaling and networking of the systems is performed in the SELV (48 V) protective extra-low voltage range, meaning that even unskilled workers can carry out these tasks. The number of 230 V connections required is reduced by up to 90 % and the installation time is shortened by up to 60 %.

  • Lighting systems consisting of ELC ceiling lights, ELC control units, ELC presence detectors and accessories
  • Simple installation, grouping, scaling and networking with low risk of error using plug and play
  • Ready for use immediately with no programming required
  • Energy-efficient Human Centric Lighting using SymbiLogic technology
  • Alternatively with fixed light colour and presence- and daylight-dependent constant light control
  • Extensive range of additional functions

Lighting systems from a single source

Not only do ELC lighting systems make the work of installers and planners easier, they also offer excellent, standards-compliant light quality for every workplace and intelligent lighting control that ensures maximum quality of life, cost-effectiveness and sustainable energy efficiency.

Human Centric Lighting included

ELC solutions with integrated SymbiLogic technology combine the best lighting for people with the benefits of intelligent control. SymbiLogic implements dynamic changes in brightness that imitate daylight, increasing wellbeing and improving performance. It also offers presence- and daylight-dependent adaptive HCL light control, making it a particularly energy-efficient solution.


Energy-efficient Human Centric Lighting

As an alternative to the energy-efficient Human Centric Lighting offered by SymbiLogic technology, ELC lighting systems with fixed light colours and presence- and daylight-dependent constant light control are available.

They can be used to implement traditional lighting solutions and offer equally energy-efficient light control by making use of the available daylight.

Demand-driven constant light control

ELC Presenter: A clear overview of system design and benefits

Our animated ELC Presenter provides a clear overview of the designs of the lighting systems. You can also discover how easy it is to group, scale and network the systems – and see how they could benefit your next project!


The functional advantages of ELC

ELC lighting systems can be used as soon as they are installed, with no programming required. Their extensive range of additional functions includes intelligent configuration, time, integration and control functions that can be used to individually adjust the devices to suit their installation location.

Find out more about these functions in the brochure

ESYLUX Light Control – concept and functions >>

Configuration functions

  • Light control in room zones
  • Swarm function
  • Configuration with light channels
  • Free channel allocation
  • Free channel and group combination
  • Channel-based scene creation

Control functions

  • Alternative operation modes
  • Manual override with push buttons and scenes
  • ESY-Pen and ESY-App

Integration functions

  • Integration of 230 V devices
  • Power cut-off for DALI drivers
  • Integration of supplementary Tunable White luminaires (DALI DT8)

Time functions

  • Orientation light
  • Fast system start
  • Intelligent lighting sequences

Artisan lighting

The Handwerkskammer Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf Chamber of Crafts) has been supporting its members in a wide range of fields since 1900, training around 1000 artisans every year.

In its training rooms and workshop areas, ELC lighting systems from ESYLUX provide flicker-free lighting with presence- and daylight-dependent constant light control.


Freely configurable or pre-configured

Regardless of the size of the room: Lighting systems with ESYLUX Light Control can be scaled to suit all dimensions and configured in seven easy steps.

  1. Luminaire design for main lighting
  2. Luminaire type
  3. Number of luminaires
  4. Controls
  5. Sensor
  6. Cables
  7. Accessories

For offices up to approx. 20 m², ESYLUX can also supply pre-configured Quadro-Sets as a complete ready-to-fit solution.

SMARTDRIVER-2 ELC control unit

  • ELC control unit with compact housing for room-by-room modernisation using plug and play
  • DALI outputs for additional lighting with Tunable White variants, now compatible with DT8
  • Automatic ON/OFF for C0 bus power supply
  • Low design height of just 85 mm
  • Flexible installation feet for multi-sided fastening
  • Improved 230 V strain relief
  • Enhanced heat dissipation

Click here to view the SMARTDRIVER-2 series ​>>

CELINE-2 ELC recessed lights

  • Powerful Tunable White variants for energy-efficient Human Centric Lighting
  • Homogeneous illumination and long service life due to the backlight layout of the LEDs
  • Suitable for screen-based workplaces in accordance with DIN EN 12464-1 (UGR ≤ 19)
  • Flicker-free lighting for healthy, fatigue-free working

Click here to view the CELINE-2 series >>

COMPACT ELC presence detectors

  • Reliable, tried-and-tested PIR technology for motion detection
  • Integrated light measurement
  • One design for all applications within a building
  • Two-piece housing for fast, easy installation

Click here to view the COMPACT series >>

ELC-Quadro-Sets 2

  • Ready-to-install integrated solution for offices up to approx. 20 m²
  • 4x LED recessed lights for ceiling systems, sensor system, control unit, cable
  • Cost-efficient: Price per square metre from EUR 60, including energy-efficient Human Centric Lighting (colour temperature: Tunable White, 2700 – 6500 K)
  • Alternatively: fixed colour temperature of 3000 K or 4000 K (constant lighting control)
  • Easily scalable for smaller and larger offices

Click here to view the Quadro-Sets 2 >>

Upgrade for every workplace

Example of an open-plan office

Lighting with SymbiLogic technology increases motivation and work performance.

FUNCTIONAL ADVANTAGE through features such as the swarm function and orientation light function, which increase comfort in open-plan offices by creating optimal lighting conditions.

Example of a classroom

Lighting with SymbiLogic technology promotes concentration when learning.

FUNCTIONAL ADVANTAGE through features such as scenes with separate controls for different room zones to communicate learning content effectively.

Example of a patient room

Lighting with SymbiLogic technology supports recovery and convalescence.

FUNCTIONAL ADVANTAGE through features such as simple activation of a scene for examinations with an illuminance of 1000 lux in patient rooms.

Customisable override

As with all ESYLUX solutions, the automation is easy to override. With a simple 230 V push button, the user can switch the lights on and off, change the brightness and light colour or switch to a pre-selected light scene.

Users also have the option to use the ESYLUX ELC push buttons, whose easy-to-understand symbols make them incredibly convenient to use. Alternatively, the systems can be controlled using a smartphone and the ESY-Pen and ESY-App, which enable easy parameterisation, light measurements and project management on the go!