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Focus products for Q2/2024
Time-dependent control of light across rooms. ESY!

DALI-2 takes you to the future

Constant light control, flexible switching of groups, scenes: The new COMPACT APC20 presence detector expands the previous range of functions of the cross-room DALI-2 light control system from ESYLUX with a range of useful options – and ensures even greater quality of life and energy efficiency across rooms.

time functions

The COMPACT APC20 improves comfort and energy consumption in an even more flexible way thanks to the automatic adjustment and triggering of functions depending on day of the week and time of day.

swarm function

As long as someone is still present in the room zone, the swarm function provides energy-efficient dimmed lighting in unoccupied areas – and therefore increases safety and well-being.

central functions

The central function is used to easily switch all groups on and off using a push button, with freely adjustable luminous efficiency. This means that cleaning staff, for example, have the lighting they need to get to work straight away!

Overview of the functions of the COMPACT APC20

Option A
COMPACT APC20 and BMS presence detectors in white

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BMS presence detectors

Option B
COMPACT APC20 and BMS presence detectors in black

Option C
COMPACT APC20 and BMS presence detectors for WAGO WINSTA