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automation is ESY

Better quality of life, economic viability and sustainable energy efficiency

Use energy only when it is really needed: The principle of demand-driven building automation is as easy as it sounds. At its heart is intelligent sensors — intelligent because they detect changes in their environment and automatically adjust the room systems to match. This enables them to improve energy efficiency, create a perfect room atmosphere and achieve a high level of automation convenience. That, in turn, enables people to work better, enhances economic viabilty — and preserves natural resources. 

Better quality of life

Intelligent sensors focus on people and create:

  • Perfect lighting conditions by controlling the lighting levels
  • Perfect room air quality by controlling ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems
  • A high level of automation convenience that enables people to work without interruption

Everything is energy efficient — just like the presence and daylight dependent constant light control.

Maximum cost-effectiveness

Switching equipment on and off depending on demand and improvements to operational efficiency enable ESYLUX automation systems to achieve enormous potential savings. Additional benefits:

  • Optimal use of the long lifetime of LED lighting
  • Simple, cost-efficient implementation
  • Excellent value for money

Sustainable energy efficiency

  • Energy efficiency reduces global CO2 emissions, helping to slow down climate change
  • Demand-driven lighting also reduces the environmental problem of night-time light pollution

Light control for every application

Regardless of whether it's a lighting application in an office, educational institution or health facility, different applications require different concepts and customised control depending on the situation or time. ESYLUX supplies standard-compliant solutions and intelligent functionality to achieve this.

Control across multiple rooms

APC presence detectors for DALI-2 from the COMPACT series have an integral control unit and bus power supply and can provide decentralised control of up to 16 lighting groups across multiple rooms with absolutely no control cabinet components or building management systems. This approach to lighting control has various advantages, for example being able to flexibly switch groups without affecting the automation system.

...or in single rooms

System lights with ESYLUX Light Control (ELC) are a feature-rich alternative for controlling single rooms. Install, group, scale and network lighting systems using plug-and-play.

Simple manual override

The automation can be overridden at any time using an integrated push button input — and DALI systems can generally be overridden using a conventional 230-V button. A special version for intuitive switching, dimming, changing the light colour and calling up scenes: Buttons for ELC system lights.

Light closed loop control with offset

An offset between lighting groups such as with DUO DALI presence detectors from the COMPACT series also improves presence and daylight dependent constant light control, as it enables the lighting to adjust more energy efficiently to daylight — particularly in rooms with windows on just one side.

Time functions

Date, day of the week or time: Time functions can improve comfort and energy efficiency in many cases. With their time-dependent operating modes, DEFENSOR outdoor motion sensors are a perfect example, offering three devices in one:

  • Motion detector
  • Twilight switch
  • Time switch

Cross-componentenergy savings

To achieve a perfect room atmosphere and maximum energy savings, in addition to lighting, you also need to control other devices on a demand basis. ESYLUX has therefore developed presence detectors with HVAC outputs and special designs that optimise room air quality in terms of energy efficiency:

Multi-sensors for excellent room air quality

Don't just control lighting on demand — do the same for air conditioning, ventilation and heating: ATMO presence detectors for KNX feature extensive multi-sensors in a single device, therefore also reducing planning and installation work.

Stylish design

A solution will only be perfect if it looks right. ESYLUX has therefore created different designs to suit all tastes. The right choice for highly aesthetic interiors: presence and motion detectors from the elegant FLAT series or the super-small COMPACT MINI series.

Easy to install and configure

Working in the modern world is complicated enough, so we made ESYLUX products and solutions easy to install, parameterise and configure. Even our system lights and DALI-2 systems are ready to use immediately using factory settings.

One-handed plug-in base

Almost as standard with ESYLUX products: the one-handed plug-in base enables detectors and lights to be wired easily without having to hold the entire device in your hand while you are up a ladder. The sensor or lamp is the last thing to be installed — just like the process for MD series motion detectors.


ESYLUX solutions that can be installed simply using plug-and-play, such as detectors with WAGO-WINSTA connectors, are a real help when experts are at a premium. System lights featuring ESYLUX Light Control can even be grouped, scaled and networked using a simple plug-in connection!


Using a potentiometer, remote control or the ESY-App: Our devices and systems are always easy to parameterise and configure regardless of the design. The ESY-App also allows you to manage and document projects on a mobile device.

A synergy of automation and lighting

The aim of every ESYLUX solution is an intelligent synergy of automation and lighting. Lights with directly integrated sensors are a perfect example of this being achieved. For easy installation and the ideal combination of modern LED technology with demand-driven quality sensors.