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Reversible offices

Change welcome AT ANY TIME: Reversible offices


Reversible offices can be changed quickly and flexibly depending on the situation. Their dimensions and features are designed for a range of uses. To enable the space to be repurposed fast, they have just a handful of fixed walls. Variable room-division or partition systems provide acoustic protection and ways to create additional space. The lighting either adapts to the particular usage situation automatically, e.g. using a partition system, or is changed to match the new conditions by modifying the configuration in an app.



The intelligent ESYLUX DALI-2 APC presence detectors in the COMPACT series receive switching signals from movable partitions and automatically adapt the lighting to the new room situation. In this case by automatically switching groups or their lighting depending on whether the partition is open or closed. For other reconfigurations, the lighting is simply modified to the new usage situation using an app. Without any changes to the hardware or wiring. The ventilation is switched dependent on presence to ensure maximum comfort. ESY at its best!

Reversible offices


  • Flexibility through automatic switching of groups using partition contact
  • Large-scale variability and simple operation using in-app configuration options on any smartphone
  • Manual override at the push of a button
  • Simple access to configured scenes at the push of a button

Planning example

Room size
76 m²

16 x CELINE-2 PNL 600 DDP OP 4000 840 IP20 ELC
16 x DRIVER-SET 30W 700mA RJ45 DALI

1 x PD-C 360bt/8 APC10 PS plus DALI-2
1 x PD-C 360/24 BMS DALI-2

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Benefit from the advantages of the best light quality: on any working day, in any workplace, for any visual task.



Take advantage of the potential for lower investments, shorter payback times and permanently reduced operating costs.


in the office

Benefit from the savings potential of a demand-driven automation system of light and ventilation in the office.