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Outdoor car parks

IN THE RIGHT LIGHT: Outdoor areas


Light provides much more than brightness: it creates a sense of safety, helps navigate your way around, brings façades and access points to life and lets a building work to its full effect. ESYLUX offers sophisticated solutions for building shells, parking areas and access routes. Masterful staging with the right light goes hand in hand with functionality and intelligence: efficiency and cost-effectiveness included.


SAFETY attractively brought to life

With their timeless, sophisticated design, lights from the ALVA and OL/AOL series set the stage for building entrances, pathways, forecourts, driveways or green spaces. With durable housings made of die-cast aluminium, they not only meet the highest requirements for installation in public areas, their integrated sensors also provide built-in intelligence and ensure superb light. Exactly when needed. Used in combination with the motion detectors from the DEFENSOR series, they support even more sophisticated features: Switch-off delay times depending on the direction of movement, a twilight switch function and time-dependent operating modes ensure that a building appears in the right light any time of day or night, either upon demand or at a specific time.

Outdoor car parks


  • Safety through orientation light with 10-40% light output in zones with no motion
  • Comfort and energy efficiency through time-dependent operating modes
  • Perfect staging of the light solution through high-quality, timeless design

Planning example

Room size

9 x ALVA BL 940/170 TR 360° 1000 830 AN
1 x AOL WL 100 OP 900 830 MD WH
7 x OL WL 100 OP 900 830 WH

1 x DEFENSOR MD 280° 40 IR 1C IP55 WH
1 x DEFENSOR MD 200° 24 IR 1C IP55 WH

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Applied products


light quality

Benefit from the advantages of the best light quality: on any working day, in any workplace, for any visual task.



Take advantage of the potential for lower investments, shorter payback times and permanently reduced operating costs.


in the office

Benefit from the savings potential of a demand-driven automation system of light and ventilation in the office.