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Functional design,
floating light. ESY!

Atmospheric LED surface-mounted luminaires

High light quality, visual comfort through perfect glare suppression, easy mounting: This is what characterises the SVENJA series LED surface-mounted luminaires.

  • High LED light quality in harmonious design
  • Indirect light makes the luminaires appear to float under the ceiling
  • Versions for DALI-2 or ON/OFF
  • Convenient mounting due to two-piece design

Impressive and efficient

  • Powder-coated aluminium housing
  • DALI-2 variants for presence- and daylight-dependent constant light control
  • Alternative ON/OFF versions for demand-controlled switching
  • 35 % indirect light enhances the room atmosphere
  • Easy to mount using a snap lock and electrical connector

Floating light for

With a timeless, modern design, a high proportion of indirect light and the appearance of floating luminaires, they are ideal for use as atmospheric lighting solutions in social areas such as foyers, assembly halls, break areas and cafeterias.

Demand-driven for increased efficiency:
E.g. with the COMPACT APC10 presence detector
for DALI-2

Demand-driven for increased efficiency

DALI-2 versions deliver presence- and daylight-dependent constant light control in schools, residential homes, hospitals and offices.

These are ideally combined with APC presence detectors in the COMPACT series, which allow decentralised, multi-room light control of up to 16 light groups!

For intelligent light groups in schools

Relaxing, games or focussed study – break areas in modern schools often encompass a wide variety of activities.

APC10 presence detectors for DALI-2 meet the requirements for these areas by providing intelligent control of up to 16 light groups, supported by BMS presence detectors as input devices.

Demand-driven constant light control

Example solution for break rooms

+ Zone 1: Lounge
+ Zone 2: Computer study room
+ Zone 3: Cafeteria (with offset)
+ Zone 4: Cafeteria (with offset)
+ Zone 5: Entrance area
+ Zone 6: Cafeteria

The APC10 presence detector individually controls the respective light groups in the lounge (Zone 1), computer study area (Zone 2), cafeteria (Zones 3/4 with offset and 6) and in the entrance area containing table football tables (Zone 5).

Flexible light control

For other types of use (e.g. events), the three movable separation walls in the room can be easily pushed to one side. The APC10 presence detector then automatically switches over Groups 3 – 6 and controls all the associated luminaires as one collective group.


15 x SVENJA CL 450 DDP OP 3300 830 IP20 DALI-2
4 x SVENJA CL 600 DDP OP 5600 830 IP20 DALI-2
2 x SVENJA CL 900 DDP OP 9400 830 IP20 DALI-2


1 x PD-C 360bt/8 APC10 PS plus DALI-2
6 x PD-C 360/8 BMS DALI-2

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Easy to mount in any situation

SVENJA has the ideal mounting set for any application. The two-piece housing consisting of driver box and luminaire body makes mounting particularly easy. This means that the Ø 450 mm and Ø 600 mm versions can be installed by just one person!

Pendulum with accessories

Pole and wire pendulum sets are available as alternative mounting accessories for SVENJA. The length can be shortened as required.


Item no. EO10850561
*Length can be shortened


Item no. EO10850578
*Length can be shortened